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Keer Falls.

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to the home page of Keer Falls' Forest Farm, a small, family run, sheep and beef farm above Keer Falls on the northern Lancashire, South Lakeland county boundary.

Home to the Keer Falls flock of pure Whitefaced Woodland sheep, a herd of Aberdeen Angus  cattle and other assorted animals.

For us, Conservation Matters.

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The Cottage at Keer Falls
It all started with me making Heather a promise on that May day, back in 1986.

"I'm going to build you a house here!"
So I did. 
Sounds easy when I say it like that, but it cost us more than you could probably imagine and I'm not talking about money.

Whitefaced Woodlands
The Whitefaced Woodland is NOT a Penistone. The  people who bred Penistones, chose to give up that name and instead, called their sheep Woodlands. What does that tell you? More
Woodland home page
Geographical origin of WW
Woodland Flock profiles
History of the Woodland

Conservation Matters
We have had to fight so hard to earn the privilege of living in such a beautiful place that the very last thing we would ever do is set out to spoil it! More...
Conservation Matters home
Birds at Keer Falls
Mammals at Keer Falls


Bridge Building at Keer Falls
There has been a ford here since Roman times, but increased use by us was causing pollution, so we decided to build a bridge.
Bridge building at Keer Falls
Putting in the Base
Bridging the gap
Steelwork for the Bridge
Pouring the Concrete
Finishing Touches
2015 floods

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